Soy Candle Workshop

This workshop is designed for beginners and anyone aged 12 years and above who wants to make their own soy candles, learn a new hobby or start a new hobby business and earn some extra money. 

After your training you will be able to create and take home beautiful soy candle products with over 300 hrs of burn time. Natural soy candles create beautiful lovely atmosphere in your home and we can show you how to make your own fragranced soy candles for a fraction of the price in this hands-on workshop. 

A candle making doesn’t have to be boring! We love soy candles and we love to teach the art of candle making. We teach in a way that is simple to follow, without complicating the process with temperature concerns and without fuss. 

We will teach you the simple methods that you can follow to have your wax at the right temperature for melting, mixing and pouring. 

We will supply you with templates for wick sizing, fragrance blending charts, colour blending charts, and even a copy of our candle making workbook. And if you have queries after the class, we are more than happy to help. 


No prior candle making experience is required.

Class Duration:

Approx 2 to 2.5 Hrs 

Class Size:

Approx 8 to 12 people 



What you will learn:

  • Hands on practical training in making your own soy wax candles, tealights and melts.
  • Understand the art of candle making and how easy it really is. 
  • Use of fragrances including fragrant oils and essential oils. 
  • Learn about frosting and how to manage it. 
  • Learn about the differences between retail bought candles and the environment friendly soy candles. 
  • You will also learn how to mix fragrances and make your own Perfumes & Diffusers.

What you will get 

  • Detailed instructions and information on soy candle making. 
  • You will take home all your finished candles, tea lights & melts. (The value is not in the products you take home but the knowledge and practical training you will receive. 
  • It is a skill for life. 
  • A proven wick chart to ensure you never put the wrong wick in the wrong size jar. 
  • Colour mixing chart 

Appropriate for 

  • Minimum age is 12 years old and under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 
  • This class is great for beginners but also for anyone who has tried candle making and wants to learn a little more detail from an experienced candle maker. 

This hands-on class will give you the confidence to make your soy candles, solve problems as well as allow your creativity to shine with the opportunity to create your own candle fragrance blend and colours.

What to wear 

Closed in shoes (avoid heels or sandals please) Long sleeve casual clothes in case of wax splashes.

Terms & Conditions

  • We always have people on our waiting lists, so please advise us if you cannot attend to avoid forfeiting the class.
  • All withdrawals from any course must be submitted in writing.
  • Once a workshop booking has been confirmed, all workshop bookings are non-refundable, however if cancellation notice is made no later than 7 days prior to the scheduled date of the workshop, it may be transferred to another date if available or transferred to another person.
  • Maximum class size is 12 people
  • We reserve the right to cancel or amend any course that does not have the required enrolment numbers.